Covid Essentials

  • Hand sanitising station (including auto dispenser}
  • 5ltr refill sanitiser gel
  • Automatic wall dispenser
  • Manual wall dispenser
  • Sanitiser gel 250ml (75% alcohol pump operated)
  • Face masks
  • Soltex antibacterial and antiviral sanitising wipes (large tub of 1000 perforated sheets)

The Sanitiser Stand

– All inclusive

  • Full colour art work
  • Fitted dispenser
  • Auto / Manual Choice
  • 800ml / 1ltr Capacity
  • 1 Box delivery
  • Triple powder Coated for durability and people proofing
  • UK Made
  • Comes in 2 Sizes
  • Easy, 2min assembly, comes in 2pcs.
  • Arrives in 1 box minimising courier costs & keeping packaging to a minimum.
  • Graphics are triple laminated to protect against alcohol & a busy environment
  • All metal construction inc. 8mm steel base for super stability
  • 19 Kgs full weight for easy shipping (without Gel)

Automatic Wall Units

1000ml Dual Power Infa Red / UV Sensor Sanitiser Dispenser, No Touch Disinfectant Holder for Alcohol Gel Easy Instalation, Unique Appearance.
– N.W = 0.85kg
– Capacity = 1000ml / 1Ltr
– Power = 2w
– Voltage = DC / Battery Powered
– Size = W140 x D132 x H275mm

Manual Wall Units

Ideal for: dispensing hand sanitiser for maximum versatility and cost-efficiency; easy reilling, in a high capacity format, offering a smart solution for any washroom environment.
– Manual Pump.
– Capacity = 1000ml / 1Ltr.
– N.W = 600g.
– Size = W130 x D125 x H290.

5Ltr Refill Sanitiser Gel

5 Litre Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol based Kills 99.99% of bacteria spread from the fingertips over palms and backs of hands.
Allow to dry without wiping and rinsing.
– Super strength 70% Alcohol.
– 5 Litre Bottle.
– Quick-drying Hand Sanitiser.
– Kills 99.9% of germs.
– Easy to use.
– Non-sticky formula: effective
& safe sanitiser for kids and adults.
– No Water Required.

500ml hand sanitiser

250ml hand sanitizer

Electric Fogger machine

3-Ply Non Medical Face Mask

Face shield

FFP3 mask

Tub of 1000 antibacterial antiviral wet wipes


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