Sturdy, Reliable, Outstanding Versatility

  • Approximately 85,000 units sold.
  • Totally manual – No Solenoid, No PCB’s
  • Easy to Maintain and service
  • Built on the same platform, and uses many of the same parts as the well known ArcticChill88 and ArcticStar55
  • The AA3300X fits our overflow and mains drainage kit with or without pump and cowling.


Easily convertible from bottle to POU. The bottle top includes SpillGuard leak protection.

The drip tray has been designed to allow for a 3 or 10 litre overflow kit to be fitted.

The drip tray can be connected to main drainage. This can include a pump to pump the waste up to 150m and 3m high (factory installed).

Cowling to fix the cooler securely to the wall – supplied seperately. Also fits ArcticChill88 and ArcticStar55.


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