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Arctic Chill 88

The ArcticChill 88 is a high capacity, direct chill/pressure cooler with the cooling capacity you want along with the improved hygiene you are looking for. It provides 40 litres per hour with 120 cups immediate draw off, all below 12°C.

The ArcticChill outperforms all conventional water coolers, both tank fed and direct chill. It is ideal for sites where large volumes of cold water are required in a short period of time.

It is fitted with the FloodGuard flood prevention device, stopping any leaks from a mains fed cooler before it becomes a disaster. The water inlet is controlled by the FloodGuard Solenoid inlet valve. This valve is normally closed and only opens to allow water into the cooler to replace what is taken off when the dispensing button is pressed.

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Description Dimensions
H x W x D mm
Floor standing 1180 x 340 x 340 25
Table top 460 x 340 x 340 16