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The Jazz 1100
The Arctic Chill 88
The ArcticStar 55

ArcticRevolution 70

A revolution in design

Attractive and compact, with an exceptionally high dispensing area for large mugs and sports bottles. Sleek and modern lines fit for the modern office, small footprint with an exceptionally high dispensing area, high quality – built to last.

The ArcticRevolution 70 Direct Chill Cooler has an amazingly small footprint of 370H x 240W x 488D which fits small workspaces and under overhanging cupboards. Touch pad buttons to dispense water. When cold water is dispensing the central droplet will flash in blue. For ambient water it will flash in grey.

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Description Dimensions
H x W x D mm
POU table top 370 x 240 x 488 14