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Alpha 1

Not All Water Coolers Are Equal

The Alpha 1 water cooler introduces unsurpassed functionality offering multiple benefits to operator and user alike. Our self-filling water coolers are connected directly to your nearest mains water supply, incorporating a unique triple action filtration system. Our AutoFill™ water coolers automatically refill so you will have an ongoing supply of pure, chilled water at the touch of a tap. Our coolers are available in two models: Cold/Ambient and Hot & Cold, Floor Standing and Counter Top. They are exceptionally styled to compliment your working environment.

‘The Stylish, Affordable Alpha 1 Stands Taller Than the Rest’


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Description Dimensions
H x W x D mm
Floor standing cook and cold 1122 x 299 x 381 18.6
Floor standing hot and cold 1122 x 299 x 381 20.4
Table top cook and cold 445 x 299 x 411 13.5
Table top hot and cold 445 x 299 x 411 15.3
POU to bottled conversion kit